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The Finest Colon Hydrotherapy in NYC

Fluid New York provides professional and personalized colon hydrotherapy services in midtown New York. You will always be able to consult any health-related issues with our certified colon hydrotherapists and naturopathic physicians.  Our focus is your entire wellness, not just constipation relief and intestinal health.  Our colonic therapists are certified by I-ACT and operate the most hygienic colonic system available in the market.

At Fluid New York, our foremost priority is your health. That is why, unlike other colonic centers, we only use non-invasive FDA registered equipment and sterilized, disposable speculums during our colonic sessions. In addition, the water that goes into our clients’ intestinal tract undergoes a sophisticated multi-stage water filtration system and double-UV treatment that kills water-borne microorganisms.

Angel of Water Colon Hydrotherapy NYC

angel of water colon hydrotherapyFluid New York is the only professional colon hydrotherapy clinic in Manhattan to offer the state-of-the art Angel of Water Colon Hydrotherapy system.  The Angel of Water colonic system provides the safest, most comfortable, and most hygienic colonic irrigation experience available today. This colon hydrotherapy equipment is built with a sophisticated mixing valve that ensures that the water temperature is always maintained between 99 and 103 degrees — the optimal range for effective intestinal cleansing.

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